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I was happy to see the Redskins shut down the Jets last week but the victory wasn't really convincing. Our defense played great but the offense kind of sucked. Plus Ramsey turned it over twice. If the Jets weren't playing one of their worst games in years, honestly they would of beat us.


Anyways, week 2 is upon us and we will play a Vick-less ATL. The Skins are actually underdogs by 3 points. My money would be on the Skins winning the game.



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That's all true but it also shows how good our team can be. To have so many penalties and still be in the game. I mean the Skins defense only allowed something like 70 yards in the second half. Too bad they couldn't hold them for one more series. I hate the way overtime is run in the NFL. It should be like college.



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how did this dipsh*t get into the room. they Skins might be 8-8 but they are a good team. The only reason they might have a good team is because their schedule is loaded. The next games are against NE, Philly, TB, and another playoff team I forget at the moment.


Whose your team anyway? you better not be a cowboy fan


i hate dallas

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