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Please Know Me Before You Judge Me

Guest Jonathan R. Rees

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Guest Jonathan R. Rees

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People, all over DC in the various message boards I have seen so many postings supporting and detracting as it concerns every candidate for political office in 2006.


Before you judge someone based on the posting of others, take the time to know them by studying their positions and if you have no knowledge of the subject matter then pass but do not condem unless you can be sure your way is better and then share that with the candidate.


I have a whole new website www.dc2006.net posted 9/15/2005, over 7,000 people have looked at it the past nine weeks and I have gotten 25 times the good repore than the other.


I do not condemn you if I do not know you or what you stand for so please show the same respect and take the time to act from a position of being informed.



Jonathan R. Rees

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Guest Jeff, you guessed wrong.


If walking up and down every street of Ward 3 is any indication, Rees is alive and well as our ward is overwhlemed with Rees' posters and postcard flyers.

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