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The Left Winged Nuts Of Dc

Guest Richard Tweedy

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Guest Richard Tweedy

I am one progressive Democrat who is tired of all of the ignorant, left winged, politically correct **inappropriate material** in DC whose policies and fantasies drove our city into bankruptcy, a federal control board and it took a more right winged Democrat mayor to bring us back to sanity.


You politically correct **inappropriate material** need to sit your asses down, shut the **thank** up and realize your ways don't work as you are good at inventing social agendas but never can tell us how we are going to pay it. We are paying for it with the second highest income and property taxes in the USA and we chased businesses and individuals out. Bravo you dumb asses!


The ugly truth is, until we clean house and get rid of our current mayor and council members and vote in new blood we will continue to be paying out of our asses for the stupidity of the left wing which is not the majority of the Democratic party.

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Guest Linda Hasselberg

I agree with you Richard. The old ways is what got us in deep trouble and until we reverse the folly of the far left and bring in a more middle of the road Democrat(s) like Johns (Mayor), Bolden (At Large Councilman) and Rees (Ward 3 Councilman) DC will continue losing businesses, individuals, investments and it will one day be a MECCA for the filthy rich not you or I of the middle class.


This people disgust me with their hateful attacks on others they don't know and that just shows me that DC might have the most educated populace but it also has a monopoly on people with no common sense

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