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Boo! Hoo! I Want To Be Traded


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If the ' Ryan O'Halloran report is true Patrick, I just lost alot of respect for you. I will not be representing a cry baby in the house wearing your jersey.


Maybe if you did not throw an interception and fumble twice in Sunday's game Gibbs might not have benched you.


Face the facts....


Right now Mark Brunell is playing better than you.


You do not have great trade value.


You can either whine or be the best second quarterback the Redskins ever had. Ask Sonny what he had to deal with in the 70's.


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Um...if Patrick Ramsey has asked for a trade then he is definitely not a crybaby, he is doing the smart thing. Its obvious Gibbs does not think he is a good quarterback. I mean my God, Brunell was in there for HOW many games last year before Gibbs finally put Ramsey in? I mean after the whole friggin stadium practically chanted for him 3 or 4 times. Yet he yanks Ramsey IMMMEDIATELY after his injury and conveniently never puts him back in. Way to back your quarterback when its convenient for you Joe.


If Gibbs thinks Ramsey is not a good quarterback, fine. Give him his trade and let him go to another team that could use him, like Arizona, Detroit, Chicago, or countless others. He will join a LONG list of ex-Redskins that go to other teams that know how to use them and be successful. Trent Green, Brad Johnson, Stephen Davis, shall I go on?

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I think Joe gibbs wants to win games and Patrick ramsey was not doing well so he put Mark brunell in. I also think If ramsey wants to be traded then I think gibbs should let ramsey go. I think Mark brunell is a great Quarterback and the Redskins are fine with brunell. PLayers come and go thats the NFL. I also think gibbs will keep Patrick ramsey as the back up Quarterback and we will do fine.

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