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The Election Cycle Begins


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In another week, the flood gates of politicians will hit us like

a Political Tsunami.


Councilwoman Kathy Patterson has made it clear that she will run for

the Chairmanship of the D.C. City Council and take on the likes of

Jack Evans and Jim Graham. Sounds like political suicide to most.


So all of us in Ward 3 will have to pick a new council member but



The rumor mill has it that ANC Commissioner Nancy Mac Wood might run

for Ward 3 city council. Other ANC Commissioners and outsiders think

this would be a disastrous effort because:


1. She does not have the financing to back a campaign;


2. She does not have enough support throughout Ward 3;


3. She has too many enemies;


4. Her negative demeanor proceeds her;


5. Her reputation among various organizations and businesses that

support candidates is very bad and they would support anyone but her;


6. She is an insider and Spin Doctors say DC voters will once again

pick outsiders more or less like Vincent Gray, Kwame Brown and Amy

Bowman and especially in Ward 3 which will probably support someone

who has not been involved in DC Government before.



As for the resurrection of Erik Gaull, he will probably rear his

head again ignoring the facts:


1. That the media last time round handed him his head on a rusty



2. That most in Ward 3 see him as a GADFLY;


3. The League of Women Voters judged him to be poorly informed and

in the minority on the issues;


4. That many believe that he is being controlled by the old Marion

Barry Machine and his last campaign was behind closed door being

directed by none other than Harold Brazil who voters finally booted

out after mischievous behavior.



Now about this newcomer Jonathan Rees. ( www.dc2006.net )Little is

known about him other than:


1. That he has a good reputation in the business/healthcare industry

as being someone who can create jobs, generate income and can do it

while also cutting budgets without affecting quality;


2. That he is seen as being very reliable, outgoing, friendly and

does actually take the time to talk to people instead of having a

staffer handle it;


3. That he tends to act in the best interest of people who earn

between $35k - $80k a year who he sees as being the backbone of DC;


4. That he will not align himself with other political leaders,

groups but travels the political highway as a lone ranger appealing

to Mom & Pa Kettle and settling his loyalty with such;


5. That he can be found at nights walking the streets of Ward 3

putting up his posters and distributing his flyers while chatting

with voters along the way thus giving him a major advantage in

reaching voters first;


6. That Ward 3 has the highest number of healthcare workers in DC

and that several of the healthcare organizations are quietly backing

Rees not with money but encouraging their members to vote for him

for their job security and the possibility of tort reform happening

in DC.; but


7. Yet, little else about him is known other than he is really gun-

ho, a bit overwhelming but he is a clean slate and has no obligations.


I think we will see Linda Cropp as out next mayor, Jim Graham as our next City Council Chairman and any newcomer as our Council Member.




Nicole S. Dixon


Society of African American Female Journalists

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