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Guest Matt Wildman

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Guest Matt Wildman

Would you believe if someone tells you that you can earn more than 1000$ spending just 9$ ?

I wouldn't, but inspite that decided to read the article till the end...


I found it on some forum and decided to try.

it was written that i should send 1$ on 9 web-money accounts, that listed below, then cut out the first account moving the list on one position higher and empying the last position, you should add your own account in that line and then post the new list to 200 different forums


i thought that I do not lose anything but 9 bucks decided to try it, and guess what!!!

A week later i found out that my account increases! I was shocked! But considered that it was all, but a week later i got 25 $ and at the end of the second week there were even more than a 1000$ and the amount increases!!!

And the cost of all that is just 9$




I promise you that if you'll follow the instructions you will get even more money than you thought, effortless


It's totally legal. And your contribution is just 9$


IMPORTANT!!! - that is nor lie and nor illegal, you don't risk anything, and it works!

NOTE!!! - Follow the instructions precisely and 1000$-10000$ will be yours in a month or two. Thanks to honesty of the participants it works succesfully.


Here's 3 steps of the success:

1) You should register at WebMoney system here -> http://www.webmoney.com/start.shtml . familiarize yourself with that system - how it works, choose the best way of enriching your account and add 9$ to your account


2) Take the first account from the list and send to it 1$ in the comment field write - "please add me to a list of accounts". So now you created a service, and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - it's absolutely legal!!! You ask for a legal service and you pay for it.


3) Send rest 8$ to the remaining accounts in the list (1$ to each account):












Now cut out the first line from the list, moving the list on one position higher (9th becomes 8th, 8th becomes 7th) and add your account to the last (9th)line.



You can change this article as you wish, but leave the main idea invariant. Post it at least to a 200 forums and News Groups. REMEMBER the more posts you made - the bigger revenue you will get, it completely depends on you. This business prospers and exists because of the honesty and seriousness of the participants. So when you will achieve the first position of the list you will have thousands of $! It costs 9$ and trivia work!!!!!

Try it now - not posponding it for tomorrow!!!! Time is money!


And now I will explain why you don't lose anything and have only benefits!


Propose, that from 200 posts I will receive only 3 answers(it's a very conservative estimation).

Well I will obtain 3$ on 9th position in the list. Then each of that 3 people post article at least at 200 forums with my account on 8th position, and only 3 persons will answer to that 3 ones - more 9$ goes to my account. Then these 9 people post at least 200 articles with my account on the 7th place and only 3 answers to them - my revenue increases on 27$. Further, those 27 people post article and receive 3 answers - it gives me + 81$(I'am on 6th position in the list).

Tnem the most interesting part: these 81 make 200 posts with me on the 5th position and recieve 3 answers, tha is 243$ of revenue. On the 4th position i will get 729$, On 3rd - 2187$ and so on...

And that's what you get from iitial contribution 9$. When you find uot that you're already not in the list you may sendnext 9$ and add your account to the 9 position in the list and post it again. You can imagine that thousands of people connect to internet and read this article every day, the same way that you do it now!!!


So what? Would you spend 9$ to find out how it works?


The line for the pessimists: And what if this business crashes and noone will send me money????

20000-50000 users appears in internet EVERY DAY! By the prognosis of specialists - in 2006 year the amount of internet users will increase from 9 mln people to 21 mln!! What are the chances that they will decide to try themselves in something new???

And the last thing - It's a great axiom - if you want to get something you have to give something! make sure it by yourself !!


Good luck to all!


How to spread this information in forums:

Open the seacher google.com yahoo.com (or another one)

write in search field "Create new theme/topic"

The searcher would give you thousands of links of different forums.

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