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The White House won't release documents that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts prepared while working in the solicitor general's office from 1989-1993, even if senators who will judge his nomination request them, a senior administration official said Tuesday.


Some documents from Roberts' work for two previous Republican presidents were being released Tuesday by the National Archives, and at the urging of Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, the White House was asking the Reagan presidential library to expedite the review of other Roberts records to determine what can be released.


But the White House will claim privilege for the work Roberts performed while serving as principal deputy solicitor general in the administration of former President George H.W. Bush.


With President Bush's first chance to shape the Supreme Court at stake, the White House is hoping to avoid the kind of showdown with Democrats over document requests that has stymied Senate confirmation of some of the president's other high-profile nominees.

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Guest cranston36

John Roberts continues on his cakewalk into his job as a Supreme Court Justice.

When asked if he were ever a member of the Federalist Society (a group of men and women intent on dismembering the government of the United States) he claimed he was not.


A couple of weeks later he is found on a list connecting him to the Federalist Society. Other information pointed to him acting as a committee chairman and giving speeches to the activists and rabble rousers of the Federalists.

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Guest Pacemaker

Here is some info if you need to do research


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library


40 Presidential Drive

Simi Valley, California 93065


Main Phone: 800-410-8354 or 805-577-4000

Fax: 805-577-4074

Email: reagan.library@nara.gov

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