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Peggy Cafritz For D.c. City Council 2006

Guest arthurjackson

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Guest arthurjackson

For too long, we have allowed Congress to control our budget,establish our taxes and even handpick some of ourleaders. In 2006, District Residents need to send a Message to Congress " If we are not given our democratic rights as Americans, and our rights as human beings to exist in a civilized enviorment, then we will make Democracy Denied, as International Human Rights Issue" We will elect a Mayor and City rejecting your orders, and risk going to jail to publicize the issue of Congress dening democratic rights to 500,000 plus taxpaying American Citizens.


Peggy Cooper Cafritz, has proven as President of the D.C.School Board, her first priority to delivering Quality Education to our Children,forget Congress,and Politics.

She demands safe and effective schools, with up to date books and livable wages for teachers.


Some may not like your outspoken style, but she gets the job done. That is why

residents across our city are meeting to draft Peggy Cooper Cafritz for the City Council, a fiscal conservative democrat who will standup to the Mayor or Congress

in defense of our right to decide our future, without federal intruson, Ms Cooper- Cafritz, would bring integrity, innovation and a strong voice for parents, students and our city as a whole to the D.C. City Council.


If agree D.C. needs a Strong leader like Peggy Cooper Cafritz, email us for an invite to our next meeting in your ward. Note We are not a Draft Committee or P.A.C, Peggy Cooper Cafritz has not endorse Our meetings or purpose. We are District Residents and Taxpayers tired of Politics as usual.

email us at ahjgroup@earthlink.net ATTENTION CITIZENS DRAFT CAFRITZ 2006

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From which ward would she run for if you got her to run for city council?



HAHAHA I agree. She is a fat lazy stupid Cleft of Venus as well as a acrpet muncher.
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