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Stay @ Home Mom Or Working Mom?

Do you beleive that having a STAY @ HOME MOM is better then having a mom THAT WORKS?  

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  1. 1. Do you beleive that having a STAY @ HOME MOM is better then having a mom THAT WORKS?

    • yes
    • no
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Guest Keysha

After 17+ years of being full time at home it's rare for anyone to ask me these days "when" I'm going back to work, lol.


On the occasion that someone does ask why I'm at home I just smile and say I'm doing what is best for our family.


One lady, and I use the term loosely, did make a snide comment once about it must nice or I was lucky or something to that effect in a witchy sort of tone and I smiled and said yes I am.

Kill 'em with kindness

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Guest Guest
:D I find that as a mom you can be a stay at home mom and be just as busy as working moms. It is the quality of time you spend with your child that counts. Some people just aren't lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. Some people have to have the money/work to pay the basic bills to survive. Some people don't have the choice. But if you have the money and the husband to support you or your own business.... staying at home does give you more time with your child. Its just a personal choice. But for working moms there are always weekends or at least one day off. SO on that day or two make it all about your child. Go to the park, or zoo or whatever. Just spend it cuddling in front of a good movie child appropriate of course! Make it about your kid! It doesn't cost much money and is appreciated more in the long run than buying toys! Make cookies together, or do some atrs and crafts with them, go on a nature walk. These memories will last and your child will always remember mom and dad spent time with me even though they worked to hard to pay the bills!! My opinion of course! :blink:
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Guest jookygurl



I happened to catch that Dr. Phil show last year.. and the women on there were just a joke.


I've been dying to give an opinion on this matter, i'm glad someone put something up here.


First off, I believe the majority of the working moms out there are working and couldn't make an appearance and weren't able to provide a good viewpoint of the working moms. And as for the stay at home moms, I thought they had fun picking on her and making her sound worst that she was. I also didn't like that for a working mother they picked a woman who's a school teacher, with AN AWESOME SCHEDULE!!! WTF? thats not a realistic look at working mom's!!!


I've been both.


I'm honestly a former stay at home mom, who's become a single working mom.


I personally have seen a dreadful change in my children since I've returned to work. I believe that the best place for a mom is at home with her children, till school age. And if I had the choice, I would still be at home with my children. I feel that ideally women should wait till the children go to school before considering entering the workforce. And obviously not all women can. Especially with the prices of homes and cars going up, not to mention the number of divorces and young pregnancies.


Of course not all woman can handle the demands of being a stay at home mom, just as much as its just as difficult on many stay at home moms to enter the work force.


Although I side on the stay at home mom and would have it no other way, I think both work just as hard and shouldnt' rag on the other for not working hard enough. No woman wants to feel like she's unappreciated, especially not by another mother, and as much as I'd like to say I didn't frown on working mom's when I was a SAHM, I did. But I do regret ever thinking that working mom's didn't work as hard as SAHM's cuz as a working mom, I'm still exhausted, if not more, cuz I can't afford a mommy's helper to help me with all the things I would do throughout the day for my children, so I feel like I do EVERYTHING... work, then catch up on being a mom and taking care of the house......



anyways, thats my retarded 2 cents... i wouldn't love to hear feedback!!

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I think that needs to be clarrified before making any major arguments, because I know from my personal experience, that there are mom's out there, whom I'm not sure why they had kids, they pushed them out, went straight to work by choice because they felt their career was the center of their lives and in my opinion don't have the same motherly attitude of a working mother who would rather be at home with their child. Or even a part time working mother...


And personally I don't think the majority of working mom's choose that path, many are paying bills. Some like myself have gotten divorced or are single mothers... its a big difference that I don't think the majority of working mom's share!

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:blink: after watching dr.phil i became frustrated @ parents on the show.... so i wanted to know how working mothers stay @ home moms and babysitters feel about this subject? they both have their strong points yet they both have very weak points...thanks!

WOW! This is such a hard topic! I'm a working Mom, but, if I had the money I'd stay at home with my kids. I might have the best of both worlds by being able to work from home!!


First of all, by definition, all "Moms" work. There are so many factors, in this decision, that it really depends on your unique situation.


I say, as women, take pride in the choice you make, feel free to change your mind, and do what makes YOU happy, because if YOU are happy your children will be too!!


We should support each other!

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