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having lived and worked in germany for 10 years, i was amazed to find a nice parkway, cruising south with view of heidelberg castle, old brownstones, roof steeples, river drifting by through the trees, an old style bridge with lantern light fixtures arching over that old river as if a belt holding the river at bay......wait, wait just a minute!....... this is george washington memorial parkway, heading south from beltway into NVA. i am looking at old georgetown and the key bridge. i wonder if mark twain, who visited heidelberg laid eyes upon the potomac river view of old georgetown i highly recommend this cruise as therapy for city dwellers, only one condition.....not all of you at once. alphabetical order (sunday is reserved for W,X.Y and Z) of course i am a W. enjoy the views.



“I have never enjoyed a view which had such a serene and satisfying charm about it as this one gives”.

Mark Twain; describing heidelberg castle



check out www.e-heidelberg.com

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