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In its goal to continue the unprecedented economic renaissance being seen throughout the nation’s capital, the DC Chamber of Commerce (DCCC) recently released its 2005 Public Policy Agenda, a summary of the issues the organization will work on this year on behalf of the business community.


In 2005, the DC Chamber will seek to continue the economic vitality of the city by pursuing a policy agenda designed to spur local business growth and further enhance the business climate in the District. The main areas of focus will include removing barriers to economic vitality, encouraging the private sector to initiate and drive growth and improving the quality of life in the city from the perspective of the business community. This agenda includes issues carried over from last year with some new initiatives for 2005.


“The District has come a long way economically and we feel we have touched on all of the pertinent issues to continue the economic vibrancy of our city,” said DCCC President and CEO Barbara Lang. “These are the issue that will have a significant impact on the future of Washington and this is the Chamber’s way of proactively listing what needs to be done to continue this economic renaissance.”


The 2,000-plus member organization’s Public Policy Agenda is a clear cut outline on what issues need to be dealt with in order to encourage continued economic development and vitality in the nation’s capital and looking out for the best interests of the DC business community. As the largest chamber of commerce in the DC region, the DCCC speaks loudly when it supports these initiatives on behalf of its member base when advocating on issues that are vital for the well-being of Washington, DC.

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