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Nanny Needed In Arlington: Part Time, Flexible


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We are a military family that is presently stationed at the Navy base in Rota, Spain. We will be arriving in Arlington, VA in late June. We will live in the Rosslyn area of Arlington. We have two teenage daughters, Cindy, who is 15 years old, and Sarah, who is 16 years old. They are involved in a variety of activities that vary from week to week.


The 15-year-old is sociable and action-oriented with sports, particularly basketball. She will need to attend various sporting events, which may involve an evening or weekend time slot every now and then. She plans to join a traveling basketball league, which meets in Fairfax, and will thus need to be driven to practices.


The 16-year-old likes drawing, reading, video games, computers, and JROTC and CAP (Civil Air Patrol). Her focus needs to be primarily upon academics since this will be her last year of high school (as a senior), and she needs to prepare for college or possibly the military. She may need assistance with attaining her driver's license, including having the nanny ride with her in the car as she practices driving, and taking her to any required driving classes, etc. In addition, nanny should be able to help her investigate various college options, including possible college visitations. Both girls will need to be taken to their weekly evening CAP meetings and associated activities. The CAP meets in Fairfax.


The father is in the U.S. Navy, and will be on a very busy academic schedule, attending Georgetown University full-time in a Navy graduate anesthesia program. He will be available most of the summer, but will become unavailable beginning mid-August, when his program begins. The mother will working with a computer-related job at the Pentagon, and will also be busy finishing up her master’s degree.


We need a part time nanny/housekeeper/manager who has flexible hours, which may require some evenings or weekends (sharing a nanny is also a possible option we may consider). Nanny should be independent, very organized, efficient, punctual, self-motivated, have great ideas of fun activities for the kids, and desire to take kids to interesting events that may be occurring throughout the D.C./Arlington area. She should be available during the summer on a more flexible schedule, but when school starts, nanny will be needed primarily during the afternoons and/or evenings, periodically weekends, or possibly on days when kids are out of school. We are interesting in having her assist us with anything needed to smooth the transition of our new move to Arlington. She should also be willing to help with day-to-day- housekeeping, errands, shop, cook, drive the kids to activities.


Nanny must also be familiar with Arlington and the D.C. area, have a great driving record. Also, if the nanny has any special abilities she can teach the kids, that would be great, and if she speaks another language, such as Spanish, that would be great to teach the girls.


Please feel free to contact me at briceplace@hotmail.com

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