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Guest no chr.!

Yesterday Mahbub visited Anwar Hossein, the president of Migrants’ Trade Union, in Cheonju Detention Center. First of all: Anwar is well, even he still have some pain in his head and his hands – also black marks as a result of the handcuffs. But his mind is very strong and he is ready to fight until the end. Gweon Yeong-gil, the chairman of Democratic Labor Party (DLP), already visited him, as well as Dan Byeong-ho, the former president of KCTU (at present he is MP for the DLP in the National assembly). The National Human Right Commission (actually a part of the government!!) already accused the immigration officers, who kidnapped Anwar, the violation of human rights, because of using excessive violence during that process. After all, Anwar’s chances are not so bad, such as Samar’s last year, according to the lawyers. Yesterday also was a protest in front of Suwon Immigration Office, but because of the massive presence of riot cops and immigration officers Gaziman, the general secretary of MTU, was not able to hold his speech - even the 60 Korean demonstrators were not enough to protect hi

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