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Anybody out there who loves and / or collects post apocalypse and dystopian fiction, here is an author for you to check out!  His name is Chance Paladin, and he writes about preppers attempting to survive the cataclysms and post-apocalyptic earth changes in the Pacific Northwest (aka PNW AFFLICTION).  As a prepper himself, his books are also meant to teach survival as well as entertaining people.  When starting out on the idea of writing a book about the idea of the PNW Affliction, when he reached the end of the first book, he kept getting a flood of ideas coming in and just had to keep writing, so he has so far written a whole series of 20 books on this subject.  He warns that when people get to the books numbered 16-18, there is some semi-adult content included, and Book 20 will be categorized as "very adult content,"  good to know for those enjoying the series but whose sensitivities might wish to know at what point they don't want to explore the subject further.

Chance Paladin's books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.  The Series is entitled "PNW Affliction."

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