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Hello everyone!!! As you can tell I'm new here. I'm on a mission to start a band! Not just any kind of band but one that's driven to bring wholesome, and unique sounds to every ear that happens by. I'm an acoustic guitar player and singer, I have 31 original songs and it grows by the month. The personal flavor that I have is a combination of rock, jazz, folk, and funk. I love all kinds of music and would respect what anyone has to bring to what I already have. These are times when the music scene in DC is in desperate need of a band that can groove, bring the funk, and give a little food for thought too. There's no reason why it can't be us! Let's give it a shot. If you play anything (especially drums, bass, keyboard, wind instrument, guitar, or keyboard) do not pass me by. The worse thing that will happen is that we'll have a good time.


301-266-3133 call after 6pm or send an e-mail

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