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How does Bhagvan (God) secure and protect dharma in this world?


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How does Bhagvan (God) secure and protect dharma in this world?

Swami replied: In your question the word ‘how’ is obscure. Does it mean the procedure of cooking the food or the tools and utensils used for cooking or the food ingredients used? I will take it in the sense of the procedure and answer your question. God is unimaginable and there is no possibility of even imagining God. God punishes unjust people and thereby maintains justice in the world. But since this ultimate giver of the punishment is beyond our imagination, a direct proof of perception is impossible. But God delivers justice through different human beings. He merges with the corresponding human beings temporarily and ensures that the criminal is punished. He merges with the police officer to ensure that the case is correctly investigated and that the criminal is caught. Then, He merges with the judge so that the appropriate punishment is given to the criminal.

Then, finally, God merges with the jailer to make sure that the criminal does not escape from the jail or even from the death penalty when applicable. This process of temporarily merging with any required human being to punish injustice and protect justice is the procedure of how God protects dharma (justice) in the world. When God temporarily merges with certain human beings they become a certain type of Human Incarnation of God called an Aveśa Avatāra, which is a temporary Incarnation. A criminal may try to escape punishment here on earth. But the wheels of justice, which are protected by God, grind surely, even though they may move slowly.

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