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In Search Of Bandmates!!!!


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Hello everyone I'm new to the forum . Let's get straight to the point. I'm a guitarist and I'm tired of playing by myself. I have 31 original compositions and it's time to take them to the next level. I NEED A BAND!!!! I'm willing to jam with anyone and see what can be brought forth. I'm very passionate about what I've got and what I'd like to do. I need a drummer, bassist, lead guitarist, and anything else that's out there. I'm also looking for new places to play. My overall style is jazz,funk, and rock. Anything that anyone has to offer and wants to bring to the table will be considered but definantly respected. I'm about the MUSIC!!! It's all about getting the sound out there and giving the people something different. A different perspective but something wholesome. Take care of yourselves and have a wonderful day. You can reach me by e-mail.


teddy20005@aol.com and if I may be so bold



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