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What is the greatness of Sudaamaa, who was blessed by God so much?


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What is the greatness of Sudaamaa, who was blessed by God so much?

[Reply to a question by Shri Balaji] Swami replied: People say that Sudāmā, who was facing extreme poverty, initially avoided approaching Krishna for help, to maintain his own dignity. But it is totally wrong. Sudāmā was not approaching Krishna because he knew thoroughly that we should never approach God, expecting some benefit in return. This was the main reason why Sudāmā was not approaching Krishna for a long time. When he finally approached Krishna, due to the insistence of his wife, he gave Krishna a gift of parched rice after borrowing it from his neighbors, since he had nothing in his house. Can you imagine how difficult it is to sacrifice something after borrowing from others? In spite of such extreme sacrifice, Krishna did not give any gift to him in return. Anybody in the place of Sudāmā would certainly have criticized Krishna in his mind, at least for a second. Krishna was watching the mind of Sudāmā until Sudāmā reached back to his home. But Sudāmā never thought like that, throughout his return journey. This unimaginable character and aspiration-free devotion of Sudāmā made God Krishna sacrifice all His wealth to Sudāmā.


-By Shri Datta Swami
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