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Are Human Incarnations of God possible in atheistic or communist countries?

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Are Human Incarnations of God possible in atheistic or communist countries?

Swami replied: God said in the Gita that He incarnates in human form for only one purpose, which is the establishment of justice and the destruction of injustice (Dharma saṃsthāpanārthāya—Gita). He never said that He would incarnate for the sake of establishing His existence or for destroying atheism. God is not worried about the spiritual path (nivṛtti). He is not interested in establishing theism, spiritual knowledge, devotion, service to Him or sacrifice to Him. He has no desire to destroy atheism and establish theism or any aspect of spirituality. The only reason for His incarnation mentioned by Him, is the destruction of injustice and the establishment of justice in worldly life (pravṛtti). Hence, even in an atheistic country, He comes as a Human Incarnation, whenever injustice is trying to suppress justice. As soon as justice is established, God quits the human being with whom He had merged for that specific purpose. Such a Human Incarnation is called an Āveśa Avatāra. It is a temporary Incarnation that is only meant for the specific puprpose of establishing justice in that situation. Whenever injustice has suppressed justice, even in atheistic countries, God has merged with a suitable atheist, fought against the injustice and re-established justice.


-By Shri Datta Swami
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