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Science does not bother about God and is confined to the present life alone. Scientific rationality is confined only to physical knowledge. Even though there are several genuine miracles happening in this world, science does not bother about them. Atheists attempt to examine these miracles like scientists. But they differ from the silent scientists in their invariable strong negation of the miracles at the end of their investigation. Unless miracles are accepted, scientists and atheists will not believe in the existence of the unimaginable God. A scientist may become a believer in God, but an atheist will never believe. For believers in God, miracles are not necessary since they follow the advanced knowledge of nivṛtti.



The unimaginable God is beyond space and time and He remains unimaginable due to this reason only. From the unimaginable God, imaginable space etc., were generated, which form this entire imaginable world. In the worldly logic, there is no single example of generation of imaginable item from unimaginable item because in the imaginable domain (world), there is no unimaginable item at all — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

 The unimaginable God alone is the absolute truth and this world created by Him can’t be equally true with Him. If it is true like Him, it can’t be created or destroyed by Him. One truth can’t create or destroy another truth. Such creation, modification and destruction of worldly items by the unimaginable God are called as miracles or unimaginable events, which are seen in this world indicating His existence directly through scientific analysis. The soul is a part of this untrue world, hence, untrue, can’t stand as equal truth with the unimaginable God. World is not true before God, but, true for the soul — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

 Space is something or subtle energy and not nothing. Nothing can be neither generated nor can disappear. Space is said to be generated by the Veda and is said by Einstein to disappear when all the matter disappears in the world. If it is nothing, it can’t bend along the boundary of the object. This means space is something like the other four subsequent elements, which are air, fire, water and earth. Of course, space is nothing like the other four elements with reference to unimaginable God since world is relatively true with reference to the absolute truth, called as the unimaginable God. Imaginable space can’t exist in its cause or unimaginable God before its generation itself.

If it exists, its generation becomes false. This link between unimaginable God and imaginable space is also unimaginable due to absence of such link in the world. We can find the generation of imaginable item from another imaginable item only in this imaginable world. By this, not only God, but also, His link with space is unimaginable — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

 The space or world looks to be infinite because its boundary is not attained by us even in our imagination. This universe is finite for the omniscient God since nothing is unknown to Him. If we reach the boundary of imaginable space or world, we will certainly touch the starting boundary of different unimaginable God and this can never happen. Due to this reason only, the space or world is constantly expanding so that even angels can’t reach the boundary of this space. Angels having energetic bodies move with tremendous velocity.

The ending boundary of the water of sea is the starting boundary of different region, called as soil. The boundary of the universe exists, but, is unreachable to us, which means infinite, but, does not mean really infinite. If you follow the track of smoke generated from fire, you will touch its cause or fire. Similarly, if we reach the boundary of space, we will reach its cause or unimaginable God. This can never happen since unimaginable God having no space in Him before its generation, is beyond space and is always unimaginable to us — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

 The unimaginable God created subtle energy or space so that an energetic body is created from subtle energy and remaining subtle energy is in the form of space, which is occupied by the created energetic body to be called as absolute space since such first energetic body will never disappear. The unimaginable God enters this first energetic body called as first energetic incarnation or Eshwara or Lord or Father of heaven called as Datta meaning that the unimaginable God is ‘given’ to the world for clear vision. Such incarnation is called as descended God because the omnipotent unimaginable God can alone cross the unimaginable link between God and space to come down.

This first energetic body bound by space can’t cross this link to become ascended body. This first energetic incarnation enters other energetic bodies and human bodies to become energetic and human incarnations respectively in future. This Father of heaven merged by unimaginable God creates the five elements and souls gradually due to His unimaginable power, which form this entire world — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

Awareness means to know something (result) and also means the nervous energy that causes the knowledge (cause). The unimaginable God knows everything (result), without nervous energy (cause). The awareness of soul knows only little (result) since it is done by the nervous energy (cause). Soul is just a specific work form of inert energy functioning in a specific nervous system. It is only the rule of this creation that anything to know must be nervous energy and this rule doesn’t apply to unimaginable God.

He knows everything (not little like the soul) without being nervous energy. By this speciality, the knowledge of unimaginable God is called as unimaginable awareness. Similarly, He can burn anything without being the fire. Hence, every soul is not unimaginable awareness or unimaginable God. Only the soul of first energetic incarnation and other souls pervaded by Him in the incarnations become unimaginable awareness. A soul becomes unimaginable God by the selection done by God and not by the effort of the soul — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

When the unimaginable God merges with imaginable medium like energetic or human body, we need not discuss this merge as monism or internal dualism or perfect dualism since these three mechanisms are confined to merge of imaginable items only. Since climax devotees desired to see the unimaginable God with their eyes, God becomes the medium through perfect monism only so that devotees are not discouraged. These climax devotees have no ego and jealousy due to which these devotees can digest the perfect monism. If the devotees have some ego and jealousy, the merge will be simultaneously external monism with internal dualism due to non-isolation of soul from God. If the devotees have full ego and jealousy, the merge will be perfect dualism simultaneously.

This merge is confined to the incarnation only and not to be extended to every soul. However, Shankara applied perfect monism of God to every soul in the case of atheists having full ego and jealousy (I am the light). After sometime, ego and jealousy were reduced and Ramanuja told that soul is a part of God (Part of light is in me). After sometime, ego and jealousy disappeared and Madhva told that the soul is different from God even though both are awareness (I am in the light). The grading done in the incarnation shall be understood with reference to the then existing state of devotees since the real preacher cares more for the uplift of devotees from their existing state than the truth of the concept.

Now, Datta Swami established that awareness or nervous energy is only imaginable soul and not the unimaginable God because today devotees developed excellent scientific analysis to digest the ultimate truth also along with devotion. By this, God became visible as well as unimaginable in nature — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

The first energetic incarnation along with merged unimaginable God is the common item in every medium and thus, same God is common in all religions even though media differ. Hence, only one God exists in all religions. Religion is the path to please the same one God. Religions differ due to the difference in the level, language, culture, etc., of different souls in different regions. The starting point or soul and ending point or God are same in every religion. Hinduism with many sub-religions is a mini representative model of world with various religions and in both (sub-religions of Hinduism and religions of world), we find internal unity in external diversity — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.










       Science Vs Atheism



Science keeps silent on the unimaginable God because it is unable to explain the unimaginable events called as genuine miracles, the source of which is unimaginable God. In any book of science, you don’t find a chapter called as ‘Refutation of God and Miracles’, whereas the books on atheism have only this one chapter! The silence of science is perfect indicating that God is beyond imagination being beyond space and this point is told by the scriptures also. Atheism blindly says that all miracles are magic without perfect examination and analysis. Ofcourse, certain fraud miracles also exist, which are actually magic and by this you shall not conclude that every miracle is magic. Atheism is always emotional and the intelligence sleeps in emotion. Science is always open to observation and analysis unlike atheism. Science also says that a hypothesis shall be accepted till it is disproved by the subsequent theory. Hence, you shall believe the explanation of the performer of genuine miracles at least till you disprove the genuine miracle also as magic. Science accepts the existence of unimaginable domain by accepting the unimaginable boundary of the universe. The unimaginable boundary of the universe and frequently exhibited unimaginable-genuine miracles establish the existence of unimaginable God, who punishes the sinners through unimaginable ways even if they escape the law here through tricks. By this, pravrutti is protected on which only nivrutti is based.


If an atheist asks you to show the hell in this space, you must give the following argument:-

In this infinite space, I can’t show the existence of hell to you. Similarly, since space is infinite, you can’t take me all around the space and prove the non-existence of hell to me. A 50:50 probability of existence and non-existence results here. A wise person shall select the probability having lesser risk. If you believe in the hell and do not do any sin, you are not lost in any way even if the hell is absent. If you take the other probability of non-existence of hell and do sins, you are totally damaged if the hell exists! Even an atheist shall think about this, if the atheist is wise enough.







Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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