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            The first creation that came from God is space or inert energy. Akasa (space) and Tejas (inert energy) are one and the same because space is a form of inert energy only. Matter, work, light, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and awareness are also other forms of inert energy. Our imagination cannot cross the limits of space. The link or process of production between God and space is also unimaginable like God. This link is beyond space and God is beyond this link. The space is called as Mahat. The link is called as Avyaktam which means unimaginable. The Parabrahman is mentioned as purusha. The Veda says that Avyaktam is beyond space and purusha is beyond Avyaktam (Mahatah paramavyaktam avyaktat purushah parah).


            God is first. Space is second. Air is third. We can explain the generation of third from second, but not the second from first. Second and third are imaginable items. Space or energy became air. Air means atoms. This is energy condensing into matter. This process of condensation is explicable and debatable. This process is parinama or vivarta. If matter is different from energy only by quantitative way it is vivarta like water condensed to ice. Vivarta brings only physical difference. The parinama is qualitative difference like milk becoming curd. Before the creation of matter, only energy exists. If energy is condensed, it should be vivarta process only, which is physical. But if all the mater is energy only, how the qualitative difference came between items of matter?


There cannot be qualitative difference between blocks of ice having various sizes. One block of ice may be more concentrated (or condensed) but it cannot bring a qualitative difference. But the qualitative difference between the milk and curd is practically experienced in the world. Milk and curd are also condensed products of same energy and may have quantitative difference. Thus this point of contradiction brings the unimaginability, which is the characteristic of God. Therefore, the presence of the unimaginable power of God (Maya) is everywhere in the world. The Gita says that this Prakruti is also Maya (Mayam tu prakrutim). Thus the entire world is affected by the hidden power of God (Maya), which is known by deep analysis.


            When the energy and work are essentially same, the different quantities of energy-drops (electrons) giving rise to different properties mean different works of God giving rise to different properties.  Here the wonder is that the working material and work are one and the same in essence. Therefore, the unimaginable God does wonderful works and His work it self is the working material.  The work is power of God, which it self is the working material.  All this creation is work without any separate working material because the working material itself is a form of work.  According to science also, any material (matter) is a form of energy and work is also a form of the same energy.  Thus, this wonder exists in science, which says that matter is a condensed form energy.  For the process of condensation, space is required and the space should be different from energy for the process of condensation to take place.  But space is a form of energy as per the special theory of relativity.


  In such case, how the energy is condensed? Because, space is also energy.  This is another wonder.  Like this, when this nature (Prakruti) is analyzed, it is a wonder (Maya) only as said in Gita (Mayam tu..). Thus, Maya becomes the inner substratum of the world.  God is the substratum of Maya         (Mayinam tu…Gita).  Thus, God is the final substratum of this world. The generation of matter on condensation of energy  and the transformation  of matter in to energy by dilution are wonders in the context of space being the energy.  Thus, the generation, maintenance on substratum and dissolution are works of Maya, which mean wonders of God.  Such wonder is for souls only and is well known to God and therefore it is not a wonder to God.  Thus, Maya is a logic or science for God, just like the nature is a logical science to the souls.  It is only higher logic or super science of God which is above the level of souls.


Creation of world from God



The climax of greatness is in creation of existence from non-existence only and not from existence, which can be understood from the three philosophies.


[The three components of the imaginable creation are matter, energy and awareness. When Krishna showed the cosmic vision, all these three components were exhibited. In that vision, materialized worlds representing matter, highly intensive radiation representing energy and various living beings existing in the worlds representing awareness are seen. This vision is very important miracle not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively being the source of very important knowledge, which is the creation of the universe from God.


The above three components created indicate that God created energy, matter and awareness and this means that God is the creator of the entire universe. Some think that this universe is in hidden state (Avyaktam) and God made this to be expressed. This means that God has exposed an already hidden item like a magician and in this way the greatness of God is proved very little. The word Brahman means the greatest (Bruhi vruddhau), which exposes its climax-greatness. The greatness of God in the climax is in the view of souls and not in the view of God.


A great man is felt as great by others and not by himself! The greatness of God in climax can be expressed only when we say that this existing creation is created by God from its non-existence only. The present existence and the past non-existence are in the view of souls only. The Veda says that this world was non-existent before its generation and this existing world is created from non-existence only (Asadvaaidamagra aasit tatovai sadajaayata). Of course, nothing can be produced from its non-existence and hence ‘Asatkaaryavaada’ is not acceptable. But, this is true in the worldly logic. This is not true in the case of unimaginable God, who is beyond the worldly logic.


 It is true that Shankara told that this creation existed before its generation (Satkaaryavaada). But, He told that the effect (creation) existed as cause (God) only as told by the Veda (Sadevasomya). You must note carefully that creation didn’t exist before its generation whereas the cause of the creation (God) only existed. The conclusion is that God only existed in the beginning, who created this creation as real in the view of souls. Both the absolute plane and relative plane are taken as references by Shankara.


 Ramanuja and Madhva took only relative plane in which the starting point is mediated God (unimaginable God + medium) in which mediated God and creation similar to medium co-exist. Hence, the cosmic vision means creation of universe from nowhere in absolute reality and creation of universe from already created source-medium called as subtle energy or space (Mula Prakruti) in relative plane. Hence, in the relative plane, God is only intellectual cause and not the material cause. Therefore, there is no contradiction among three Divine preachers.]


Food ,Space and Soul- As per Veda


          Food is inert matter (Annam) and on oxidation (Prana), it produces inert energy. This energy is converted into awareness or chit. The Veda says ‘Annat purushah’. This inert energy is transformed into soul and this inert energy maintains the entire world as cosmic energy (Jeeva bhutam…the Gita). The Veda says that space is produced from soul. Here soul denotes inert energy only, which is its basic form. Therefore, the space is also inert. Otherwise space should have been a living being with awareness. According to Einstein space is geometrical only and exists as long as matter exists. But space is geometrical required for the waves to occupy and propagate. So, even if all the matter is converted into energy, space can still exist. As long as space exists energy has to exist because space is also a form of energy. Of course, if you speak of energy also in terms of matter, you can say that space exists as long as matter exists.


The condensed energy is matter. This means energy can be diluted and so energy or space expands. This represents the theory of constant expansion of space. In Maha Pralaya, the design of the world exists which needs space. If only awareness disappears by destruction of all living beings, it is called as Pralaya. If all the matter disappears leaving energy, it is Maha Pralaya. Disappearance of matter means transformation of matter into energy. Similarly disappearance of awareness means transformation of awareness into inert energy. Up to this concept both God and energy exist like Father and mother. Up to this, both inference (philosophy) and perception (science) travel together like parents. The follower of Shakti cult (Shakteya) says that the energy itself is God and thus he is just the present scientist. He is better than Advaitin, who says that awareness is God. Even in Maha Pralaya at least energy exists.


Awareness disappears even in Pralaya. Of course both these become one and the same if the awareness is also considered as energy basically. Both these depend on perception only. They too depend upon inference, but their inference is based on perception. The fire is inferred from smoke, because the relationship of fire and smoke is already seen (perception) in kitchen. Therefore awareness, the inferred God by Advaitin is imaginable and even perceivable through intricate modern instruments. Such inference is based on perception only. The inference of God should be based on scriptures like the Veda. The interaction of Father and mother is inferred by seeing the interaction of a couple later on. Such inference is perception based. But the interaction of God is never perceived, because God is never perceived since God is beyond even the imagination. Maha Karana Pralaya represents the dissolution of energy completely, which means the disappearance of space.  The situation becomes unimaginable. The space of the dream disappears but still the brain exists in the absolute space.


The mind (nervous energy) requires absolute space for existence. Thus existence of absolute space (Paramavyoma) is required for the existence of God. Since no item in the creation can stand as perfect representative of God, this problem comes. The existence of Paramavyoma again speaks about the existence of energy in more subtle form. The dissolution of energy to the fullest extent leads to complete unimaginable situation, which was exactly the situation before creation. Such a great devotee leaves the science and perception completely. He believes only in the Veda. He believes only in God as the absolute cause every time after Maha Pralaya. Such a great devotee never falls as he depends only on God as the root of root cause (Maha karanam). Jesus believed God in such a way.


Shankara’s advaita is actually this concept only. An atheist cannot travel to this distance and so He (Shankara) stopped at the concept of awareness only so that every atheist is attracted and feels that the absolute is in him and finally he can become the absolute God. Even the concept of Pralaya is not brought here and awareness was declared as eternal. For the sake of a theist, awareness is eternal and remains in deep sleep and also in Pralaya. But the atheist should realize that awareness is not present in deep sleep since one is not aware of even the soul, which is awareness of awareness as found in meditation. The enquiry of the source of ‘I’, which represents the fundamental characteristic of awareness in deep sleep reveals the whole story. The inert energy is the source of ‘I’ as realized from the analysis of deep sleep.


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