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Where from Satan came?


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Where from Satan came?

Some people ask from where Satan came and from what source he got his power? The answer is that the same producer and director of the movie, who appointed one actor as hero has appointed another as the villain. The villain is also remunerated like the hero. Sometimes the producer-fluid-director can enter the movie in the role of a hero and such a role is called as the human incarnation of God. The villain opposes the hero in the cinema. The hero wins over the villain, giving a good message to the spectators. But remember that the hero, who is the producer, has remunerated the villain and also directed every action of the villain as the director of the whole picture.

Satan is the ego and ignorance mixed together present in almost all the human beings. This Satan always brings doubts to the heart and does not allow the right analysis. Doubting is not bad since you should not believe everything blindly. After the doubt, analysis should come. Satan is tempting Jesus to jump down from a long height saying that God will protect Him, if He is a real devotee. This is doubting the existence of God. It amounts to testing the very existence of God.

Jesus already did penance, which is very sharp analysis about God for a long time that is to be projected before the world attained by Him without food, water and sleep. Those 40 days were equal to 40 years in our time scale of normal life attending the discussion on God for maximum time. After such long analysis on God, if you are not sure of the existence of God, Who is to be always tested by the miracle, you will always remain as the doubting Thomas and not as Jesus. After the stage of analysis, the stage of firm decision should come in which one should not go again to the beginning point of the first stage. Hence, the suggestion of Satan was simply rejected, which can apply only to doubting Thomas and not to Jesus. This gives the message to devotees that once you decided after a long and deep analysis, you should not go on doubting and testing God throughout your life till the last minute. Take long time before taking the decision so that you have to eliminate several false entities escaping the real goal just by hair split margin. But, one day or other, you must come to the stage of firm decision before your life ends (Samshayaatmaa vinashyati… Gita).

Satan showed several attractions asking Jesus to develop the ultimate and unique bond with him so that Jesus can serve him with total surrender and sacrifice. Here, Satan represents all these worldly bonds showing false and momentary attractions to bind the soul and bend it as the servant to such bonds. In the illusion of these false worldly bonds, the soul is doing even horrible sins, which establish that the soul is made a slave to such bonds. Jesus referred these worldly bonds elsewhere by saying that unless one hates these worldly bonds, he/she cannot become His disciple. Here, Jesus asked Satan to go away at this stage, which shows His hatred to the Satan.

Actually, the Satan staying in your mind generates negative ideas regarding your sacrifice in the divine service. While you are doing some divine service to God, your mind suddenly generates an idea, which makes you to think “oh! I am involved in this work for a long time while I have to do many other worldly works! I forgot those worldly works as I am trapped by this foolish useless work!!” Like this, the unseen Satan will generate such negative ideas lowering the importance of God. I assuredly tell the Satan and all of you also, who yield to Satan's negative ideas “Oh! Fool Satan! Oh souls fooled by Satan! I declare that if you are not yielding to Satan and continue the service to God without any disturbance and worry, I once again surely tell that God will accomplish all your works in a fraction of second and you know that you can't finish even one work even in your whole lifetime if you neglect God for the sake of this world”. This is the essence of the speech of Jesus delivered to people. This speech applies not only to the devotees suffered in the work of God, but also to the ordinary people, who are not devotees and are suffering in the world based on their intensive sins that yield emergent fruits here itself before the death.

He is inviting the normal human beings also to become devotees of God, get reformed by non-repetition of sin so that the file of sins including intensive sins is burnt once for all. Even in Pravrutti, in which you receive results by your actions, you must be grateful to God since God is awarding the fruits. Don’t you show respect to the chancellor of the university while giving you the gold medal? Will you disrespect him saying that you got the gold medal by your hard work only and hence the chancellor need not be respected? When such ego enters your brain, you will be certainly undisciplined, do intensive sins and get severe punishments here itself.

By these statements, Jesus is attracting the children to come to the school by offering chocolates in the form of consolation. This is inevitable in the beginning stage, where the defects are rectified by defective ways only. The Veda also introduces worship of God through sacrifices by which, the Veda says, that the desires can be fulfilled by doing such sacrifices and this is called as Kamya Bhakti or devotion to God for fulfilling one's desires (Svarga kaamo yajeta… Veda). In this speech of Jesus both ordinary people as beginners and devotees in advanced stage were addressed and were consoled.


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