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Should Tony Williams Retire In 2006?


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As Acting Chairman of The New Democratic Alliance, I've had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of District Residents from all eight wards to hear your views on the Great BOOM of our Town.It has been the view of many, that the boom downtown has benefited wealthy individuals seeking to return to D.C., during these post Marion Barry years. However this downtown boom, has not benefited East of the River, which continues to have a 70% Unemployment among African American Youth and Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan with a 65% Unemployment among Latino Youth. Their is s serious problem here, being ignored by the Williams Administration.


This month , the Mayor has announced that funds will being place into the Housing Trust Fund setup to assist District Residents in obtaining affordable housing, in a City where homelessness among Families and U.S. Military Veterans is at an alltime high. Good Ideal Tony, but once again you're seven years too late,Many of the families whom could have benefited from such a program are now residents of Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties, Maryland.


Education, will he a Key Issue in next year's Mayor and City Council races. Some Councilmembers are proposing a Tax Cut, while our schools are falling apart, our children are using outdated materials and our teachers, are some of the lowest paid on the east coast. And U.D.C. is in need of real reform and should be included

in reforming our City's Education System .


Youth Services, Montgomery County spends one dollar of every four to benefit it's children, teens and young adults. The District needs to address the issues and concerns of our young people. And I appeal to young people to get involved in Politics and Public Service, run for ANC's and Party Offices make your voice heard and demand more funds for Youth Services by the City's Elected Officials.


Mayor Williams has make a point of using Grades to evaluate his Administration, the New Democratic Alliance is proud to issue Mayor Williams

Report Card as follows:


Fiscal Responsiblity D for tying our city to a $650millions Bond Debt for

A Baseball Stadium. And hiring a record number

of aides earning $150,000-or more per year to serve

at his pleasure


Affordable Housing D - Policies and Plans has resulted in the

displacement of more than 20,000African

American and Latino families out of our City.


Ethics in Contracting D Awarding contracts to political supporters and

contributors has been a hallmark to the Williams

Administration,which will one day result in a Federal

Investigation, which local city business continue to

be passed over for city contracts


Education E Our Public Schools are in a serious decling situation

and sorry Tony, School Vouchers won't help at this

stage. The City needs a long range plan to reform

our City;s whole Educational System.


Youth Services D Cuts in youth services and programs, have

to an increase in youth gang violence.

This Administration has failed our Children.


Now as Tony Williams, ponders if he's going to run for a another term, he shouls consider the impact his running will have on a City which is divided by those hurt by his policies and those whom have benefited, expensive housing and lucrative Government Jobs and Contracts. And look into the faces of Parents and Students at Ballou High School, where he continues to show up after shootings, without any plans and promise over and over again, help is on the way.


The New Democratic Alliance is recruiting 1,000 District voters to organize every ward to publicize Mayor Tony Williams Report Card and Record.


Now let's hear your views on should Tony Williams run for re-election????????

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Guest DCSista

Hi Arthur,

I have lived in Eckington for 10 years now. Some people are thinking our neighborhood will be the next Adams Morgan. My rowhouse is now worth over $500,000. Being able to refinance my home at a lower rate and making some money has helped my family tremendously.


What are your ideas to make the District and Eckington a better place to live?


P.S. You are fine looking man.

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Guest Roy Stewart

I agree. This candidate Jonathan Rees ( http://www.dc2006.net ) on his website talks about the WILLIAMS BOOM and how it hasn't brought any real jobs to DC just crappy minimum wage jobs with no benefits.


I think the whole crew of the our city council and the mayor needs to go and we get us some fresh blood.

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