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Guest Marissa

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Guest Marissa

I just received this spam in the mail. I cannot believe this spammer would stoop so low. Using God's name in a scam.


Dear Son of God,

My name is  Mr Manzi Singata ,an old time businessman from South Africa . I would like to share my pain with you . I have been diagnosed with cancer of the brain.I have tried all my best with all the money i have to treat it , but to no avail. It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, it is getting worse day by day


I have given enough of my wealth to my family members,and i do not trust their competent to help me distribute the rest of my welth to charity which happens to be my last wish, so i decided to contact you. I have about  US$1,000,000,00 ( One million Dollars ) which i depostied with a security bank so long ago in Spain that only my lawyer knows about and none of my family members know about it. I wish you as a child of God to help me collect this deposit and dispatched it to charity organizations.


Also i have decided that you should take  15%  from the fund for yourself for any expenses incured  during this endeavour.


Contact me: manzisingata@walla.com  , manzisingata@jmail.co.za , manzisingata@mighty.co.za


May the lord be with you.


Mr Manzi Singata

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