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Cooking Lessons Anyone?


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Imagine how much money and time you could save by learning to cook all those delicious ethnic food. No more queuing up at the restaurant, no more tips for the waitresses and not to mention winning the affection of your loved ones. Best of all, learn a trade!! You will never know when it will come in handy.

Learn the culture together with the cooking styles of cuisines from Thai, India (north and south), Singapore, Chinese, Indonesian and Sri Lanka. You will be provided with ingredients and printed recipes. So walk in only with containers to bring your food back home. Fee ranges from $30/person depending on number of people wanting to attend, and the items they want to learn. You can learn just the dessert, or the appetizer and a full course meal from any of the countries mentioned above. OR you can even mix and match such as dessert from India, appetizer from Thai and entree from Singapore.

My Webpage


I have first hand experience touring and eating at these countries and learning their cuisines and trying them out in my restaurants. To get more information feel free to call 240 483 7724 or mail to asha_53@hotmail.com. Free consultations–no commitments

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