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Frank Robinson Is Over Managing

Guest DC Dugout

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Guest DC Dugout

That's the reason he played baseball. Sure, he was very good at swinging a piece of wood at a small white ball, but he sure lacks intelligence.


Last night, with Zach Day pitching a 3-hit shutout he goes to the pen... a 3-HIT SHUTOUT... So Cordero pitches the game that was Day's to win and puts two on and nearly blows it.


Not learning from this idiocy, Patterson pitches a 2-HIT SHUTOUT. He got exactly what he deserved today. This game was Frank Robinson's fault.


Overmanaging is the worst problem in baseball this side of steroids. The Hall of Fame is filled with great pitchers that never needed middle relievers and closers. The idea of pitch counts is insane. Why do you take out a pitcher who clearly still has his stuff and is pitching a gem? Did Peter Gammons' asinine analysis say it?


The Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals today were just the latest examples of teams losing games because of overmanaging.

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Guest Steve Body

Frank Robinson's place in baseball history is unchallenged. He was one of the greats and deserves everything that comes with that sort of achievement. That said, Frank Robinson is also one of the biggest horse's asses in all of sports. Rather than be grateful for all the success that's come his way and mellow with age and experience, he continues to act as if the world just set fire to a bag of dog poop on his front porch and then ran off to watch. His recent tirades against journalists covering the return of his "dearlt departed" player come off like the town bully having a hissy because people aren't properly scared of him. Frank, on the wildly astronomical chance that you're reading this, cut the crap. You have nothing left to prove and the world does NOT treat you like something scraped off the bottom of its shoe. You're lucky beyond belief and your petulant, little-girl tantrums only serve to cloud everything you did on the field. Shut up and manage the Nationals, for God's Sake, you twerp.

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