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1. Name the party that has put more African Americans in the higher offices? HINT: (Colin, Condi, Clarence) REPUBLICANS


2. Name the party that is actually promoting new ideas to help the African American community become better educated(school vouchers) and financially independent (private social security accounts)?REPUBLICANS


3. Name the party that has unwaveringly been on the side of Israel in every conflict the Jewish nation has faced? REPUBLICANS


4. Name the party whos senior senator is a former Klan member and recruiter? DEMOCRAT (Robert Byrd)


5. Name the party that has more millionaires in congress? DEMOCRATS


6. Name the party that collected and spent the most in corporate political donations in 2004? DEMOCRAT


7. Name the party that had the most donations from private individuals? REPUBLICANS


8. Name the party that helped it’s president enact the policy of telling gay people they could not talk about being gay if they wanted to be in the military? DEMOCRATS


9. Name the party who’s senior senator has been accused of murdering a woman and who’s president was accused of rape? DEMOCRATS.


10. If you are black, Jewish, gay or a woman, What has the Democratic party done for you lately?

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