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Special for March only, Buy one water system get 1 FREE


Nikken’s PI Mag Water Purification System:

Virtually free of heavy metal contamination such as

LEAD, mercury, chromium 6, harmful bacteria,

organisms, pesticides, toxic chemicals, radon to

mention just a few.

Purifies the Water-replaces important minerals

Adds oxygen and ionizes the water

Removes unwanted acid from water

These benefits may be easily obtained for your home as follows.

1. Simply purchase the purification system for your sink for drinking and

cooking usage.

2. Replace your current showerhead with the Nikken purifying showerhead.

(Very simple to install on your own.) Saves you from breathing in the lead

and chlorine fumes that are highly harmful to your health.

3. Purchase Nikken water bottles with special filtration system, which can be

filled, hundreds of times, anywhere in the City and eliminate ALL

impurities-especially LEAD.

Please feel free to contact:

Chad (410)736-8454

With any of your questions.

For more information, visit online at:

Clean water

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This product seems great, but how much water can you really get in how much time? Some of these solutions require constant filter changes. I have a similar one that I found to be ineffective at removing whatever it was that made me ill!

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