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A Peace Rally & Candlelight Vigil in memory of Terrence Brown, and

all other victims of unsolved murders in the District of Columbia




TIME: 6:00 P.M.



2000 14th Street Suite #10

(corner of 14th & U inside the Reeves Center)


FEATURING: Special Keynote Speakers from the African-American

Community, including Valencia Mohammed, and numerous other

important guest


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Coach & IV/Club U (202)328-8859


We need you. Come out and support us! Mayor Anthony Williams,

Council Member Jim Graham nor Police Chief Charles Ramsey have

focused on catching the criminals responsible for senseless acts

throughout the district, and are targeting Go-Go music and all

businesses that support and host Go-Go's. We can't let this happen,

let our voices be heard, we must tell the OTHER side!




The residents of the District of Columbia, and the entire U Street

Community must be aware that every appropriate procedure and process

has been in place to ensure the safety of the patrons of Coach &

IV/Club U. Safety is something that is taken very seriously, and

efforts and standards that exist at Coach & IV/Club U exceed the

standards of other night clubs in the District of Columbia. The

Security at Coach & IV/Club U has been, for more than a decade, top

notch, which includes the extensive checking of patron

identification, maintaining a staff of over 25 qualified security

guards and bouncers, and the use of the most efficient metal

detectors and alarm systems.


The night of February 13th 2005, a senseless act of violence

occurred in spite of all of the more than adequate security efforts

in place at Coach & IV/Club U. Words cannot express the feelings of

sadness and sympathies that have been extended. Thoughts and prayers

go out to the family for their loss, as well, as to any other

families who have fallen victim to similar and tragic situations.


Random and unexplainable acts of violence are happening across every

aspect of our society, in schools, grocery stores, shopping malls,

hospitals and federal courts, as well as, numerous other gathering

places. In today's increasingly violent society, it is unfortunate

that crime has become an integral part of our daily lives. Each day

there are reports in our local media about fights, stabbings and

killings, in places such as movie theaters, MCI Center, and most

recently the Post Office Pavilion. Do we close these places of

business because of these violent acts? Do we punish the business

owners by taking away their licenses rather than finding, and

bringing justice to the perpetrators who commit these horrible

crimes? Even the United States of America, the strongest and

greatest nation in the world, with the best military security has

been a victim of violence. Sadly, no person, nor place in our

society is immune to the violence, and entertainment clubs are no



In a society that is supposed to stand for justice, equality and due

process, should we assume that violent acts are to be blamed on the

clubs and their owners? Should a just society blame violence on

Go-Go music, or on the kind of patrons who frequent the club? Is it

fair for club owners to be responsible for policing the blocks and

streets around the clubs, after the clubs close for the night?

Given the fact that owners do not have police powers, nor arrest

authority over the streets of the district, how can that

responsibility be placed on their shoulders? Violence in our

society is rooted in the deeper ills of our culture and we must ask

the harder questions of ourselves.


To address these deeper issues, it is more productive to engaged

club owners and members of the community in serious discussions that

deal with the root causes and the related complex issues surrounding

the violence. On over twenty-five separate occasions, since 1996,

Coach & IV/Club U initiated as well as inquired and met with

district officials to request reimbursable detail, and increased

presence and, representation from the Metropolitan Police

Department, and each time management was refused this service.

Officials simply stated that the Metropolitan Police Department

would not offer such assistance. So you might ask yourself, who is

looking to find a realistic resolution to the issue?


Not one of the District officials clamoring for permanent closure

has ever met with the owners of Coach & IV/Club U, regarding

security, nor have they been in, or around Coach & IV/Club U during

its hours of operation to observe the strong security and crowd

control that Coach & IV/Club U has in place.


Creating opportunities for community leaders, government officials

and club owners to dialogue together would be a more equitable way

of addressing the violent issues plaguing the U Street Community, as

a part of a broader focus on community-based solutions, and

prevention of violence.


Employing off-duty police at our clubs, which it is understood that

management has been told repeatedly that the District of Columbia

prohibits such practices, may be part of a larger solution that

would enhance the security at clubs. This same assistance is offered

in neighboring jurisdictions such as Prince Georges County.


Are the officials recommending revocation of the liquor license at

Coach & IV/Club U, as an easy way out, instead of dealing with the

larger issue? Or are there other reasons why they want Coach &

IV/Club U out of the U Street Business District? Closing clubs will

not stop the violence in our society nor on U street!


Another question that has been repeatidly visited is: Why is there a

club located in a government building? Several decades ago, when

the Reeves center was constructed the District government approved

allowing an ABC establishment to be located within the building. In

subsequent years, the district government has approved the renewal

of leases to permit Coach & IV/Club U to remain. Coach & IV/Club U

is the second operating night club in the specifically designated

place. Additionally, Coach & IV/Club U and its owners have complied

with every stipulation and requirement that the district has

mandated. Furthermore, the owners of Coach & IV/Club U took their

responsibility further by getting magnotometers and security wands

for all patrons to be searched when entering the facility. Keeping

in mind that all other government buildings within the District have

24 hour security guards, metal detectors and scan belt! s provided

by the building itself.


For more than a decade, Coach & IV/Club U has had a strong history

of commitment and service to the D.C. community. Coach & IV/Club U

is on of the few minority-owned businesses left of the historic U

street Corridor and has hosted numerous events for D.C. Government

officials including former mayors and City Council members. For the

past several years, St. Augustine Catholic School, in the

neighborhood, has held its annual graduation party at Coach &

IV/Club U. Several Breakfast with Santa projects for the needy

children have been held at Coach & IV/Club U. Recently, the 50 Year

Reunion of Dunbar High School, one of the oldest African-American

High Schools in the District of Columbia, was held at Coach IV/Club

U. Other activities include Toys for Tots, wedding receptions and

government employee functions and galas. Emblematic of the

community commitment, significant contributions were ma! de to the

Guns off of the Street campaign and Tsunami relief efforts.


The long and rich history that Coach & IV/Club U has built, is why

it remains an historical part of the African American tradition, for

which the U Street Corridor is noted. The citizens from the

community have enjoyed a positive relationship with the club and

have lauded the owners for their outstanding contributions.


In the midst of the discussions regarding the closing of Coach &

IV/Club U, one might wonder if the recommendation from officials to

permanently revoke the club's liquor license relates to the February

13th tragedy, or is it a direct attack black businesses, which will

accelerate their disappearance from U Street. In the past several

years, numerous black-owned companies have left, or been forced to

relocate from the area and many affordable housing complexes have

been replaced with up-scale and expensive housing. Maybe, what

officials are really saying is that U Street no longer has a place

for Coach & IV/Club U, nor other black businesses that represent the

U Street Traditions.


For public officials and the media to seek to close down a lawfully

operated enterprise, which did everything within it power, to

provide a safe environment for its patrons, without more serious

reflection, is to deny the legitimate interest of all stake-holders,

including the owners and the patrons who wish to exercise their

right of peaceful assembly. For such closure to be linked to

variables outside the control of the business operator is an

especially egregious violation of the rights of all.


Thoughtful people must ask why, in the aftermath of this murder,

neither public officials nor the media have spoken publicly about

police efforts to find the person responsible for killing the

victim! There have been no media updates that address the most

important issue of all: Who stabbed this young man? Yet, there have

been continued attacks, and false media claims regarding the

establishment and its owners. This suggests that there is, in fact,

a hidden agenda!


We should not blame entertainment clubs, movies, grocery stores,

schools nor other gathering places for the violent acts of our

society. Nor, more specifically, blame Coach & IV/Club U for the

violent act of February 13. Violence in our society is a deeper,

and more complex issue which we must address. Seeking an easy fix,

or a blameless scapegoat, with the purpose of appealing to shallow

politicians, will never yield meaningful nor permanent solutions.


Thank you for your support. Please come out on Thursday April 7,

2005 at 6:00 for the Peace Rally.


Please email the DC Council, as well as, ABRA with your comments and

support.(contact information included)



Attention: Maria M. Delaney, Director



Attention Linda Gropp, Chair


Citywide Call Center (202) 727-1000



Attention: Tavis Smiley

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