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Summer is around the corner. Ladies who usually get waxing done on upper lips, eyebrows, are getting their legs and bikini lines done as well.


Some people think that Brazilian Bikini means removing all hair in that area. Some people think it means getting most hair off, just leave a couple of narrow strips. Most waxers regard Brazilian waxing as getting all hair off. You should let the waxer know before she starts waxing. Otherwise, you will be unhappy if you thought there will be a couple of strips left.


In Europe, where about everybody gets waxed, customers are more sophisticated and know the difference the good wax and good waxer will make. Waxing is a part of their lifestyle. Cirepil is the most popular wax brand in France. Both their hard wax and soft wax are good. However, in US, most salons use cheaper wax which is more painful for deep root hair. Hard wax is not popular because it costs more. So when a french woman moved to DC, she had to check out many salons to find a salon that uses good wax.


These days, even more men are getting their back waxed during summer time. Some hairy men go to get hair lasered off which is more permanent solution. However, a college student had told me that it actually costs much more to get bikini area lasered than what she saw on advertisement because it could take up to ten times to get all hair off. And, it was painful for her. She ends up getting waxing again (she has less hair now because she is partially lasered).

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