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I have owned a PDR company for 9 years and have decided to begin training those interested in learning. THe training will last for 6 days (standard training time in this industry) and will be convieniently done on Sundays to accomodate your work schedule.


I have secured a location at an auto wholesalers lot in Laurel, Md. This gives you a great chance to begin working on actual cars during your training.


Price for this training including a beginners tool set is $2250.00.


You will earn that money back quickly, if you put effort into your training.


I have referral letters stating quality, integrity, and many other positive aspects to my character.


Contact Duane @ (443) 375-1791

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An additional note.


I can travel to other locations. Doing so will result in a few things, (1) being a raised fee, and (2) not as many cars to fine tune your recently learned PDR skills.


The fee would raise an additional $750.00.


I am told repeatedly that I am the best PDR tech people have seen. I am sure I am not the best, but I am also sure that I wouldn't receive the feedback I do if I weren't great at what I do.


Don't miss this opportunity. My classes are no bigger than two people per class. That is a lot of over the shoulder instruction!!!



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