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Business Partner To Recive The Funds(paypal)needed


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Hi, i have a small problem. I'm selling at eBay, and want to make a bizness out of this.

The main thing about it is that 3 of 4 customers @ eBay use paypal only. I live in Estonia

and paypal is not offering any services in our region.

I have plenty of stuff to sell. So you can help me and make money on it.



you need to recieve funds from my customers and send it to me.

its risky for me, but i think everything is gonna be okey, because i have some guarranties :

i'll ship goods, only after i recieve money from you, so if you are willing to cheat me, buyer

and cops will force YOU. Thats why i think the best way to work is the honest one.



You have to do nothing but recieve and send money, and get 10% from every single transfer.

Ill cover all the fees related to transfers.


I think the best way tarnsferring the money for both of us is Western Union services.

And other thing is that you are not sending money to some wierd person with e-gold account,

you are sending it to a person who obeys the same laws as you do.

You can catch me by mail.




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