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Looking Good Or Feeling Good?

Guest Anthony Ashe

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Guest Anthony Ashe

Don't you agree that is it better to feelgood than to look good? When people think of weight management, they think only in physical terms (how big is this, how fat am I here, etc...) What we at Feelgoodtraining.com say is "shouldn't you feel good?" Yes, it is nice to look good, and to reach to the body we had/always wanted, but if you feel better, then shouldn't that be what matters. As a certified personal trainer I have helped people reach all types of fitness goals. The most rewarding though, are the clients who honestly feel better about themselves, whether they reached their ultimate goals or not. We want all of our clients to be healthy first, and if the fit body comes along with it then great! Because our focus is more on getting people to feel better about themselves, we offer some of the lowest prices in the DC Metro area, because there is no reason for someone to be without a personal trainer because of cost. If you think that having a personal trainer is too costly for you, take a look at feelgoodtraining.com, and email anthonyashe@feelgoodtraining.com to talk about the many payment options for training services. You will thank yourself later, and we will all feelgood for being part of the journey! Don't forget to mention where you saw this posting for even more specials!

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