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Oprah's Diet Secret

Guest Maxine

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Guest WendyAster

Oprah tells. "I was fat for so many years and trying not to be and I'm telling you whatever you are, if you can be happy with yourself, here's to you!"


Oprah showed off her new shape at the Oscars but admitted she only ate a handful of almonds, watercress soup and water all day to fit into her golden VERA WANG gown. But she was treating herself to some turkey chili the next day!


And to lose the last 10 pounds to reach her goal weight, Oprah is also getting four of her Harpo staff to join her in her "boot camp." They will follow a strict regime which includes a diet of lean protein, two fruits a day and all the green vegetables one desires! Alcohol is not on the menu -- neither are breads, potatoes, pasta, rice or sugar (which includes candy, cakes, cookies or any other pastries in question!).

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Guest Nell Jackson

It so good to read about Oprah's secret diet. It may not be the easiest diet to go by but I cansee that it really paid off. I do believe that I can stick to this one. For health reasons I use I believe that we need good eating habits. Thank you Oprah.


Nell Jackson

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