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Is Milk Good For You?

Guest Maxine2445

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Milk is good for health. It is a complete food in itself. It contains nine essential nutrients that prevent your body from many diseases. :D


Know more about the benefits of milk at:




There has always been a popular belief that milk is probably the best food around. Babies survive on milk for the first year or so of their lives, and older folks are advised to drink it to keep their bones strong. When it comes to babies it cannot be denied that breast milk is still the most superior as it contains all the essential nutrients. Cow’s milk is the next best option, followed by goat’s milk. According to dieticians, except for infants who are intolerant to milk, most people’s diets would be improved by consuming more, not less milk. This liquid food, known as milk, can be whole, semi-skimmed or completely skimmed, and in liquid or powder form. Milk contains about 85% water. It thus supplies both food and fluid. The number of calories in milk varies quite a lot. Cow's milk provides 67Kcal and buffalo milk provides 117Kcal of energy per 100 ml. The protein content of cows and buffalo milk is about 3.2gm and 4.25gm per 100ml respectively. The milk proteins mainly consist of casein (about 80%) and whey (about 20 %). The proteins of milk are of a high biological value.



Health is Wealth :D :D :D



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