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Do you want to Quit Smoking? But don’t have any idea how to Quit? Well try NOSMOQ! The #1 Stop-Smoking Cessation Aid in Korea and Japan, with 0% Nicotine Free, Clinically Proven and perfect replacement of Strong Behavioral Addiction.


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Guest Anetia Bonghit

Trying to cut back on smoking and just got my order form International Oddities, couldn't wait after reading some of the reviews I found on line. I have only one response, if that is what those people think "bud" tastes like it must have been after their dog ate it and they "recovered" it a day later. As far as the taste and the aroma, it was terrible, and the "buzz" is more like a headache and not a "buzz" and a hammer blow to the head does the same thing for much less, because hammers do not cost by the ounce.


Waste of money, unless your looking to have something in case the boys in blue roll up.

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