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Hi Joe


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Hello Joe, I was trying to reach you at home but you were not up yet.

Where are the pictures and the messages?

I am leaving tonight for a week, so I'll see you on Wednesday, March 16. I still would have a chance to check your messages/pictures this afternoon. I've noticed that your "Happy mood" picture is very popular - I guess it was viewed at least 30 times!

Have a good day and a very productive week.


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Hi Joe, I was out of my desk an entire day yesterday, and I was unalbe to send you any messages. I am really impressed with the pictures you put up here: it's about 9 or 10 of them. Good Job! I especially like that you give an explanation why you picked a certain picture.

I will be stoping by this afternoon if it's OK with your co-workers.

See you later.


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Hi Joe, please post on the Message Board this information about upcoming JVS events:


JVS presents:


Employment Networking Group on Wednesdays, April 13th - Guest Speakers

Juliette Fusiarska and Keisha Davis from People to People Recruiting


"How to Work with a Recruiter"and May 18th - Guest speaker Susan Samakow,

CPCC, presents "Self Talk and Identifying your Skills". both groups are

6:30-8 pm at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, 6125

Montrose Road,Rockville, MD 20852, Event is FREE! Register at


or 301-587-9666


Managing Work Stress, learn helpful coping techniques, on Wednesday, May

4th, 6:30- 8:30; held at the JSSA boardroom, 6123 Montrose Road,


MD 20852. For more information or to register call 301-587-9666

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jvs presents employment networking groupwednesday april 13th guest speaker juliette fursiarska. and keisha davis from people to people recuiting. how to work with the recuruiter guest speaker susan samakow. managing work stress and learn helpful coping techniques. on wednesday may 4th 630 - 830 held at jssa board room. for more information or to register or call 301 - 587 -9666 6123 montrose rd rockville md 20852

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Hi Joe,

Thank you for posting an information about JVS upcoming events. I wonder how did you do it: did you type it or copy and paste? Please let me know.


I found a picture of black widow spider that you put on. Very impressive. I like what you wrote about a spider. How did you come up with this story? Did you read it somewhere or thought about it on your own?

Best wishes!


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helo ak i hope you had a great weekend and i hope you are fine. iam fine i had to go to the doctor with my mom yesterday i put up a picture of redskins player of Shawn springs and i did a artical of redskins draft day. iam takeing the trash out and iam feeding the fish too and puting water in the fish tank too.

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