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Is That An Issue?


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One of the key issues of the last presidential elections was same sex marriage. Apparently, Mr Bush's campaign advisors were looking for a case that eventually increased their support base among conservatively minded Americans, including Spanish-speaking catholics. They made it look like a conflict of moral values, and set up a trap for the Democrats, who were unable to appropriately respond to the challenge.


In fact, there is no conflict at all. As far as I understand, being a gay is about how our body works rather than a deliberate choice. It is like having dark skin or curly hair. What danger to our society do gays represent? The only problem to me is our ignorance and intolerance. Who would you prefer in your neighbourhood - a homosexual accountant or heterosexual drug dealer?


From what I see, gays, at least most of them, are not pushing for terminological shift as such. They don't insist on calling their unions "marriage". They just want same legal rights for their partnerships that heterosexual marriages provide. Canada and a number of European nations already recognize same sex unions to be equal to opposite sex marriages in most respects. Why not to look at their experience before touching our Constitution?

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