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Universal Dvd Battery

Guest Linda

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My questions concerns what external battery I can use for my portable DVD player.


The factory provided battery rates at 7.4V.

The power supply is DC 9V, 3A


Can I use a universal battery rated at output voltage 9V, output current 5.4 Amp?


The adapter plug will fit, but I don't want to hurt my player.


HELP...I am not familar with amps and volts.....

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YES! You may use any 9vDC source that offers a minimum of 3 Amps.


Perhapse you needed to run two of the same devices from one power source. In your case, you would need 9vDC power supply offering a max load of at least twice required by each; or 6 amps. A 9vDC battery offering a maximum load of 10 amps, would ofer you enough for three of your devices and have a little extra in case of a heavy draw ( if all three devices were to be turned on at the same time, having a bit extra is only smart). As we all know, batteries deteriorate with use. Having that extra amperage available means longer play time!


The Amperage specification on a battery or power supply represents maximum available.


The current specification on the device, represents the minimum required.





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The factory battery tor the device will be charged by the external 9v battery when correctly connected to the 9v power input, just as it would if you connected the regular cord to the wall :)


HOWEVER, you need to be sure of the polarity (+-) is correct!!! Is the center pole of the connector positive or is it negitive? I have had to cut the end off and reverse the two wires and resplice before.

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