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Female Songstress Looking For Help!


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This Self-described over-achiever has been singing for about 11 years now & would like to take my career more seriously! I'm a VERY determind person, I have a ear for music, great voice, I have a sample is anyone is interested in me! I have a VERY strong look...I'm an hard worker,. But I need help in anyway, I know the basics and more about the music industry but I feel as if their are things I need to know which I dont know,. I'm loking for a producer/agent/manager who can represent me in the best way...

You can contact me at Shonette@gmail.com


PLEASE contact me if interested.



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Guest Matrineasial

I am a hit songwriter/record producer with many years of experience. I am originally from Annapolis, Maryland but now work out of South Beach (Miami) and New York. The highest chart successes thus far have been at the # 2 and #7 positions on R&B Charts. The groups I devoted most of my career to were signed to Elecktra Records and Virgin Records respectively. Everything with me starts from the song. The reason I say that is because if a singer comes to me and they have the pitch, the look, the attitude, and the drive to compete with today's market... The first thing to do is to record some hits in a great studio and with a great recording engineer... That's assuming that I am producing the project... Also, I like to capture the magic of an artist any way it needs to be captured. If that means they have to be stranded on an island for 6 weeks, so be it! If you have that "star" quality there are a lot of possibilities.



My second concern would be: Can you pull it off "live?" To sum up my career thus far, briefly... we've had "platinum," we've had "gold," we've played to a sold-out audiences on our tours including New York's Madison Square Garden, done the world tours... We've done Soul Train, MTV, BET, and all the popular magazines...One of my groups was in a Columbia Pictures Motion Picture and we scored a #1 hit that sold 500,000 copies in 2-weeks... and was ultimately nominated for a "Grammy." I have produced/written records for Jon Secada, Toni Braxton, Kenny Lattimore, Starpoint, Sweet Sensation, MARZ, E.U.,The NYC, Cliff Dawson, Renee Diggs etc. I have personally made deals with Capitol, SonyBmg, Capitol, Warner, MCA, Famous Music, etc. If any of this means anything to you, in terms of what you re trying to accomplish, feel free to contact me at 305-490-3224 or gtdhits@earthlink.net



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