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Poetic Beats


Dar Es Salaam Bookstore, 4000 34th St. Mt. Rainier, MD

$5.00 adults, free under 21


Saturday, January 24, 2004, 5:00PM




Eric L. Farrell



Eric L. Farrell authored the poem, They Follow You Follow Them, wherein he spoke to spiritual leaders who flirt with hypocrisy and warned of the negative effects of such behavior. Eric’s poem won him Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam contest in September 2001. He is the author of Seeking Solace: Finding Peace and Comfort in Times of Distress and Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain. Eric has performed in Naples, Italy and Nairobi, Kenya. He has performed New York’s acclaimed Nuyorican Poet’s Café, poetry venues in the Washington, D.C. area, on cable television, schools, church, talent shows, and various other locations and venues. Eric hosts E.L. Farrell’s WordStage Poetry Lounge (Richmond, VA & Washington, DC) and WordStage Poetry Tour. He is also the co-founder of E&W Collaborations.


Eric currently resides in Woodbridge, Virginia. A Summa **Silly String** Laude graduate of Virginia Union University, Farrell was first acknowledged for his gift of writing at the age of seven with a Write-A-Thon Author's Award, followed by a first place award the next year in the school writing competition for his short book about eating healthy. After years of scribbling rap lyrics and short tales, Farrell's knack for writing reemerged upon composing his first poem in English class in 1995 (Woodbridge Senior High School). When given the writing assignment, he recalls thinking, "This will be easy, I’ll just write as if I’m writing rap lyrics." This worked well with him, as he has continued to write. The major influences on his writing are God, music, fellow poets, and life experiences. As a former college peer counselor he says, "To influence just one person in a positive way is a great accomplishment." Through his poetry, he is able to do this as a co-founding poet of E&W Collaborations, a Christian ministry of poetry.


One of Eric’s greatest accomplishments is the success of his first book of inspirational poetry, Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain. This book has touched a wide diverse group of people. When asked to write about something influential that had changed their views, one college student chose to write about Éric’s poem, The Train, and how it changed the student’s view of poetry. Another student preached a sermon based on this same poem. Eric says, "That makes me feel like I’m here for a purpose." Most people assumed that Farrell majored in English, but he felt that learning about poetry in his beginning stages would conventionalize his unorthodoxed style of writing and make him less unique. He gives all credit for his talents and successes in life to his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Eric says, "Reading the Bible has given me a deeper understanding of all areas in life and a better understanding of myself, others and God. God speaks to us personally through the Bible. Without Him, I’d be lost."


Special Guests * Book Signings * Open Mic * Positive Vibes and Grooves and Much More


Hosted by Ashawarrior and Dar Es Salaam

Coordinated by Ashawarrior

Produced and Managed by Akoma Sunsum


For more information call 240-350-8323 or email to ashawarrior@yahoo.com


Visit http://www.authorsden.com/ashawarrior


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