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Guest Friends of John Kerry

We have a strong Democratic Party - and we need it to be stronger. Strong enough to turn back George Bush's efforts to privatize Social Security. Strong enough to insist that every child in America has health insurance. Strong enough to elect candidates committed to Democratic ideals at every level of government and in every region of our country.


On Saturday - just two days from now - Howard Dean will be elected as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. He'll need the ideas, engagement and financial support of the entire Democratic Party to succeed.


Let's welcome Howard Dean and give him the groundswell of grassroots support he needs.

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Guest Terry McAuliffe

I couldn't let the final days of my four years as Chairman of the Democratic Party go by without offering you one last message of thanks. I have been deeply moved by all the kind words I have heard in recent days about what we have achieved in strengthening our Party.


And I am always aware that the praise for the remarkable progress our Party has made is really aimed at people like you - those who have stood by the Democratic Party through thick and thin.


On Saturday when I turn the role of Party Chairman over to Howard Dean - and every day for the rest of my life - I will proudly count myself among the rank and file Democrats who are the heart of our Party.


Thanks so much for your passion, energy, commitment and support.


Terry McAuliffe


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