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Blue Pinto @ Velvet Lounge


On February 9th 1964, The Beatles made their first live American television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. An estimated 73 million people in 23,240,000 households watched the show. They earned $2,400 for their appearance.


Exactly 41 years later, Blue Pinto is making their first appearance at the Velvet Lounge. An estimated 23 people will watch the show live, and in doing so will immediately become very charming, witty, will live longer--and will get a promotion at work.*


YOU could be one of these 23 people.


The show starts at 9.


Velvet Lounge

915 U Street N. W.

Washington, DC 20001


More info, including maps, directions, and any other bands will be posted on our web site: http://www.bluepinto.com



* Results not guaranteed for all in attendance. Your results may vary.

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