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The Beatles: An Old Band & Bob Dylan


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Poetry, song and autobiography have been interlinked for millennia. In my pioneering life, beginning in 1962, the music and words of The Beatles and Bob Dylan, the culture of the sixties and my own autobiography come together in an interesting cross-fertilization. Bob Mason's unpublished PhD Thesis on 'The Dialogue Between the Beatles and Bob Dylan'1 illumined, for me, this triangle of relationships. To take but one of many possible examples, the very month I decided to pioneer among the Eskimo, October 1965, The Beatles' hit "Nowhere Man" was released, said Mason. Most of their songs were about their coming to terms with autobiographical issues, about changing society, about drugs(after 1965) and about a dialogue between these megastars. Paul McArtney said, in a song he wrote in the 1990s, that the members of his group, The Beatles, always came back to the songs they had been singing because these songs told them, and everyone else who was interested, where they were at. This is quintessentially true of my own poetry.-Ron Price with thanks to 1"Arts Today," ABC Radio National, 10:05-11:00 am, 16 January 2002. :ph34r:


I was finally knowing

where I was going to

and feeling as if I could

finally see some light

at the end of the tunnel,

thinking for myself:

none of this bourgeoisie

normality for me,

going where noone

had gone before----1

at least from my corner,

doing what noone expected,

nothing to do with drugs,

helping to change the world

in a way none else could see,2

on my own, breaking the umbilical chord,

no more of the family Christmas and Easter

and endless birthday scenes for me,

no more of the 'daddy,' 'mommy'

and all the old friends for me:

this was my own response to existence.


This was a starting new

and working out my way of being

my take on the world and its load.

I was not a 'Nowhere Man.'

I was 'doing what I wanted to do,'

thinking what I wanted to think,3

or so I thought. :angry:


1 Going to live among the Eskimo, away from family and friends, had an absurdity to it in 1965 in the conservative climate I grew up in in southern Ontario.

2 Outside the small circle of Baha'is I knew then. 3See the George Harrison song: Do What You Want To Do. Ron Price....16 Jan. 2002 B)

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