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  • 4 years later...
Guest zaheer babar sahotra

The burning of 80 houses by the Muslims in

Chak No 362 J.B Gojra, Distt Toba Tek Singh



After a series of attacks on Christian in Pakistan as in Kasur, Nankana Sahib and Faisaslabd in Hajevery Town and burning of church Lahore this is fifth extreme attack by the Muslims on innocent Christian. The wave of extremism and hatred arising in Pakistan seems not to end as these steps are continuing one after another. This is more surprising that no media seems interesting in spreading this news around except small news published in Express newspaper of 31-07-09.

There may be the chances of creation of many more intended attacks to take place in future. Everyone knows that neither in past, at present nor in future none of the governments or agencies will be able to stop the hands of culprits who always create a rupture whenever the peace tries to comes up.


These are the big Question arising in the minds of innocent victims.


 What is their fault of facing such an incident?

 What is the future of the poorest of the poor?

 Who will come to their assistance?

 Who will give them a cart to earn which has burnt while the flames of fire were touching the skies?

 What is role of the government?

 Who will rehabilitate them to build mud houses for them?

 Who will ensure security and safety of their lives in future?



Details of the event:


362 J.B Korian a small village (District Toba Tek Singh). This village is 55 km from Faisalabad in west. This is comprised of 80 Christian families. These families have been residing in this village since 80’”. This is slum area where the profession of the people is to work as kiln labour, cart drivers, house maids and daily wages workers.

This village is surrounded by several villages belonging to the Muslims community. Since surrounding villages are well to do therefore, they feel themselves superior that this small villages.

This must be understood that peoples of 362 J.B has all the house made of mud and there are only few usable items they have at home to use.


The Muslims accused one boy in home of marriage ceremony that he has burnt down the pages of Holy Quran. The elders of Christians and Muslims in village met for the clarification that he has not done any such action.

At night of July 30, 2009, at 9:00 PM the surrounding Muslims Village of Korian announced in loudspeakers of mosque to gather and teach lesson to Christians who are protecting the accused. The nearby villages also made same announcements from mosque and Muslims gathered before homes of Christians in large number. “Allha O Akbar” “Kill infidels” and Muslim mob started the houses of Christian on fire. 80 homes of Christian totally burnt by the wrathful crowd. Each thing in house ended, even the roof of the houses and fans melted by fire. For four hours mob kept setting the fire and burning and no one came to help them. The merciless crowd did everything what it could do to harm them.


CSI team reached the place and saw the entire tragic event.


 All the homes of Christian have burnt. Christians of the village escape hardly, some old persons was there who couldn’t run. CSI team helped them to go to their relatives’ homes to other places and gave them some money and arranged the transport for them. CSI team provides them water bottles because there was no water for drink.

 Their source of income the Donkey cart have been burnt.

 Few people owned the animals as goats and buffalos have also been plundered by the mob.


The rehabilitation is required urgently because nothing is left behind for these poor innocent people. We appeal to everyone to come up to help these people. Your generous contribution can change the poor condition of these people.


Zaheer Babar Sahotra

CSI Pakistan.

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