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Guest Hoodoba AKA Strickly Health, LLC

Three months ago my wife and I signed up to be an affiliate for a product called Hoodoba and Hoodoba Pure. We thought that it would be a good way for us to make a little extra money. However, once we started getting all of our friends from work and church to start buying it that is when the trouble began. First it took many of our friends two - three weeks to receive their product. Second, I'd have to say that it didn't work for over half of our friends who bought it based on our advise. Talk about embarrassing, alot of these people forked out hundereds of dollars for Hoodoba on our advise! Many of them WERE our close friends. The trouble didn't stop there either! We told them just to send the unopened bottles back to Strickly Health, LLC for a full refund. Those that did got their bottles returned from Strickly Health, LLC with no explaination or a refund. Well needless to say we never got paid for any of the bottles of Hoodoba or Hoodoba Plus that were sold through our efforts and it looks as if Strickly Health, LLC no longer has their affiliate program. :angry:

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:D I have been Affiliate for 1 year now, all my commision has been paid in time without any hassles!

All of my customers are very happy wih Hoodoba products, you cant even spell STRICTLY--" strickly" lol

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I too had bought a case of Hoodoba Pure from Strickly Health and thought that I could sell it on Ebay and make a profit. First thing that happened was I received an email from Strickly Health telling me that I had to sell it at their suggested retail price. I told them that since I didn't agree to anything in writing that they could take a hike! Strickly Health then contacted Ebay and told them that I was a selling conterfit of their Hoodoba Pure product. Ebay quickly removed all of my listings! I had to prove to ebay that I had purchased the product directly from Strickly Health. However I do believe that the Hoodoba Pure that I bought from Strickly Health didn't have real Hoodia in it because over half of the people that I sold it to on ebay tried to return it for a refund. This messed up my ebay feedback so I closed my ebay account that I had for over 5 years!


I have since learned that these Strickly Health people are the most dishonest people in the world and they have not only gone after me and my family but they have gone after other honest Hoodia companies in America. My advise is to not deal with this company and to only use a Hoodia product that is advertised on TV because the FCC protects the airwaves where at this point in time no one protects the internet.


Hoodia - As Seen On TV

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I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune with your previous network marketing company. You should congratulate yourself for taking "the plunge" and trying to something new. Network marketing is an incredible industry that may provide you with more time, money, and freedom.


As a leader in MonaVie I would like to show you "The Business Opportunity Taking the Country by Storm". If you and your wife are still looking for a way to earn a residual weekly income, MonaVie is perfectly positioned to be a leader in the wellness industry..


Please visit my website where you will find more information about MonaVie, the product, testimonials, and the opportunity.



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