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Moore And Bush = One And The Same

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Analyses of Michael Moore's Distortians from a NON-Partisan Site, and IMO, one of the best political sites on the Net:


However, "Fahrenheit 9/11" is filled with a series of deceptive half-truths and carefully phrased insinuations that Moore does not adequately back up. As Washington Monthly blogger Kevin Drum and others have noted, the irony is that these are the same tactics frequently used by the target of the film, George W. Bush. Moore and his chief antagonist have more in common than viewers might think...






















And for those who think the authors of the above articles are right-wing supporters, they also wrote this (one of Amazon.com's top 10 political books of 2004): http://www.spinsanity.org/book/




And no, I am not a Republican (I am not a Demmycrat either). Cheers.

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Well!! what are you then?


It doesn't matter where we all work; we ALL bring our preconceived ideas to the work place, and implement them in one form or another.





I have another question? What is IMO???

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