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Artistopia is quickly becoming the one-stop shop for artists and professionals to meet under one roof and speak one language - potential success. Artistopia takes pride in pioneering the next revolution in the music industry: how independent artists and musicians are discovered.


Technology, innovation, and access to the most comprehensive and productive tools any online music community has to offer, make Artistopia the music artists place to be and be seen. Come by today and become a part of this fast growing community today! http://www.artistopia.com


To give you an idea of the services provided, here is a sampling:


Marketing Tools

Comprehensive music artist profile

Music album listings and song uploads

Event and gig listings

Industry experience listings

Formal education / training listings

Online links for additional references

Publish press releases

Submit professional press kits

Profile search engine inclusion

Reciprocal member profile marketing

Publish newsletters with your own ads


Productivity Tools

Press kit builder with professional layouts

Receive and approve press kit requests

Single communication point for all interaction

Email alerts on messages received

Maintain a fan base with artist fan list

Unlimited classified ad postings

Address book with running entry logs

Extensive directory of music resources

Access your account globally 24x7

Online music artistry and instrumental lessons


Community Development

Dedicated member support staff

Maximum privacy protection

Receive internal and external messages

Discussion boards and forum threads

Events and gigs calendar

Real-time and all-time music charts

Latest music industry news service


Advanced Technology

Content and feature rich Website

Eye pleasing and user-friendly interface

Architecture lends feature scalability

Optimum backbone for surf speed

Multiple servers for processing horsepower

Daily backups and failover redundancy

Technology built by renown experts


And much, much more is under development to help the artist achieve their goals and broaden their horizons...(online webcasting and full indie CD sale service, for example)


On a tight budget? Check out the FREE Indie Plan! Artistopia, http://www.artistopia.com - the music place to be seen and heard.

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