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www. harlemx.com

Periodically a new hip-hop group emerges that refuses to adhere to the status quo, preferring instead to march to the beat of their own unique

drummer. This group is Harlem X, a proud product of the streets of Northern Virginia. Harlem X offers up a multitude of musical and lyrical flavors. This group of remarkable young men will

introduce a new genre to the music industry through their lyrical prowess and hip-hop artistry. Their verbal skills and diverse rapping styles illustrate their potential as artists and bring the Promise of longevity and success. Harlem X has set it’s own stage. The cold days of rap are soon to be over...and with the arrival of Harlem X, the barren landscape of hip-hop is about to see sunshine.


Check us out www.harlemx.com

give us a Holla at harlemxcityprofits@hotmail.com

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