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Guest Kaushik Chowdhury

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Guest Kaushik Chowdhury

The package is an automatic error reporting & rectification tool developed for the people involve in Data Conversion jobs, allows end user to perform operations on a batch of 100 Word Documents at a time. For Documents not exceeding 2 pages, it will take just 10 second per document to perform modification and invoicing.



The package has three basic functionalities, namely,


Ø Formatting Document (Auto Formatting)

Ø Generate Quality Checking Report (QC report)

Ø Generate Invoice


Formatting Document


The logic resembles batch modification of Ms Word Document according to the given specification of the end user.

The areas those can be modified are,

Ø Page setup, Page margin, Page orientation (landscape or portrait), Page Layout (print or web or normal), Page Scaling & Header and Footer

Ø 3 different font specifications such as Heading style 1, Heading Style 2 & Normal text

Ø First line Indents, Tabs with Ctrl key down, Paragraph alignment, Line Spacing.

Ø Removal of extra tabs, Extra Spaces, & junk characters created by OCR software

Ø 2 spaces after full stops, interrogation & exclamation signs except places ending with single and double inverted comma.

Ø Conversion of straight quotes into smart quotes.







Generate Quality Checking Report


The process will show end user only those formatting errors which can be handled regardless of the document image.

Properties of the Quality Control report Generated are,

Ø All reports are being produced in Excel Sheets saved in the location pre-specified by end user

Ø The Report Sheet will contain 7 columns.(1st column consists ‘Name of the File’,4 columns after this will be kept for four kinds of errors such as Page setup errors, Font problems, Paragraph disorders, Tabs & spaces. Next comes the column of ‘Neat Accuracy’ ending with the ‘Remarks’ column.)

Ø End user can set the percentage of error for the four different kinds of errors in the Report generated.

Ø End user can also set the Error limit or the number of errors per file & fix up the needed accuracy limit in order to remark that the file is eligible or not.



Generate Invoice


This function enables End user to calculate their invoice of the works automatically just by entering the rates & the unit of payment (character with space or without space).

The programme will create a detailed invoice in Excel format.



Functionalities those are not done by the package


Ø The package will not conduct Quality Control of Spelling Problems.

Ø The package will not be able to renaming the Document files under any circumstances.

Ø The package will not support any formatting specification which does not maintain any logical reasoning.



Minimum Requirements:


Ø At least Pentium 500 MHz. processor

Ø At least 128 MB RAM

Ø At least 2 GB free HDD space

Ø Win XP or Win 98 operating systems

Ø Microsoft Office XP Required.



For further queries about the Package do contact to:


Mobile : 09831307684 (kolkata)

Mr.Arifulanam (ariful@rediffmail.com)

Mr. Kaushik Chowdhury (kaushik_49@rediffmail.com)

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